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Aromatherapy is a word that is often heard. What is it really?

Aromatherapy is derived from two words aroma, which means aroma from essential oils, and therapy.

The science of using plant essential oils to promote mental and physical health, formally known as candle therapy, is considered to be an ancient science in the world. Beginning in Egypt 6000 years ago, it was also used in China and India some 3000 years ago. use through the skin

Aroma-Therapy is a therapy for the purpose of balancing of the body, mind, and emotions adoption of methods apply together with the fragrance contained in the aromatic substance or essential oils which is very popular nowadays by massage therapy using essential oils. It is one of the most effective methods for many types of aromatherapy because of the properties of each type of essential oil. It can help treat the disease. The drug is absorbed through the skin with massage. The aroma of essential oils will help to adjust the mood to feel more comfortable at the same time, so using essential oils good quality and selected to suit the needs of therapy will make the massage more effective